On-site Inspection

For substation , we offer complete examinations as part of our on-site inspection services to guarantee optimal performance and compliance. Our skilled Engineers thoroughly inspects structural elements, control systems and equipment, spotting possible problems and suggesting fixes.

Substation Design

● Developing detailed plans and specifications for new substations or upgrades.
● Designing layouts, electrical schematics, and control systems.
● Conducting feasibility studies and risk assessments.

Substation Construction

● Overseeing the physical construction of substations, including site preparation, foundation installation, equipment assembly, and wiring.
● Managing contractors and construction crews.
● Ensuring compliance with safety and regulatory standards.

Equipment Procurement & Installation

● Selecting and procuring substation equipment, such as transformers, circuit breakers, switchgear, and control systems.
● Installing and commissioning equipment to ensure proper functionality.

Substation Automation & Control Systems

Implementing automation systems for efficient substation operation.

Testing & Commissioning

● Conducting testing procedures on substation equipment to ensure reliability and performance.
● Commissioning new substations or upgrades to ensure they meet specifications and standards.

Maintenance & Repair Services

● Providing ongoing maintenance services to ensure the optimal performance of substations.
● Conducting regular inspections and preventive maintenance activities.
● Offering repair services for faulty equipment or components.

Training & Inspection

● Offering training programs for personnel involved in substation operations.
● Providing consultation services on substation design, operation, and maintenance.

Improvement And Renewal Services

Our substation  improvement and renewal services are centred on improving operational efficiency, compliance, and dependability. We provide all-inclusive modernization solutions for current infrastructure, making sure it complies with changing industry standards.

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